The simpler approach to complex data

The world’s first widely available, purpose-built platform for storing, processing and querying infinite quantities of complex data with transactional consistency.


Limitlessly scalable data storage, processing and reporting. Report and query in real-time with unlimited straight-through processing power



ACID consistency. Real-time handling of high volume, complex data and business rules, with absolute precision



Run queries 1000s of times faster than on a relational database. Deliver projects faster with object-oriented design, ‘no mapping’ data ingestion and ‘on-read’ modelling.


A unique solution for organisations large and small

The flexibility and power to handle complex data, both in realtime and in batch, with infinite scale, absolute accuracy and lightning speed.

Create brand new solutions

For dynamic companies and start ups needing to handle large volumes of complex data fast and accurately, CYODA can be up and running quickly and cost-effectively with the power and flexibility to scale infinitely as the business grows.

Modernise existing processes

More and more businesses are looking for ways to modernise how they manage data and perform business processes. CYODA is a perfect platform to create and pilot new innovative workflows that integrate seamlessly with existing activities.

Replace legacy infrastructure

For organisations who need an alternative to slow, expensive legacy relational databases, CYODA provides the infinite scale, speed and accuracy required for handling the vast and dynamic volumes of data required to succeed today, and tomorrow.


Benefits of using CYODA

Do more, using less

Connect all your data and get it working harder and faster to drive competitive advantage, using less hardware and a  smaller team to implement and manage.

Reduce risk, reduce effort

Minimise exposure by consolidating anything from one application to multiple systems onto a single CYODA-based solution with guaranteed data accuracy.

Accelerate innovation

CYODA runs on business logic, accelerating time-to-market, reducing new project costs and allowing you to manage change with greater agility

“Using legacy infrastructure to meet dynamic data needs of any business is hard, expensive and risky. In the not too distant future it will be impossible. That is why we built CYODA.”

Patrick Stanton | CYODA Co-Founder and CEO