What is CYODA?

A simpler approachto complex data

The world’s first widely available, purpose-built platform for storing, processing & querying infinite amounts of complex data

Data is the lifeblood of business today

Organisations need to manage, store, process and analyse it, all in a heartbeat.

THE CHALLENGEIn today’s connected always-on world, neither traditional relational data management systems nor the new generation of big data platforms can handle the rapidly rising volume of information with the accuracy and speed which companies need to succeed and grow.
THE SOLUTIONInitially created to meet the growing demands of a finance industry constrained by fragmented legacy architecture, today CYODA gives ANY organisation the flexibility and power to handle complex transactional data, both in realtime and in batch, with infinite scale, absolute accuracy and lightning speed.

CYODA offers a unique and simpler approach to storing, processing and managing complex data.


Horizontally distributed, unlimited processing power, infinite storage and real-time reporting and queries



Guaranteed transactional consistency, real-time and batch.



Do more for less with object-oriented design, ‘no mapping’ ingestion and ‘on-read’ modelling.

Unlimited processing power

Manage infinite quantities of complex data with distributed and secure straight-through-processing.

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Infinite storage capacity

No limits to the volume or complexity of data in the system

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Report without constraints

Run reports and analysis as fast as you need, when you need them

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100% consistent

ACID consistency. Real-time handling of high volume, complex data and business rules - with absolute precision.

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Always Online

No single point of failure; hardware outages will not bring your system down, cause you to lose data or lead to errors in system outputs

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Full data traceability

View the full history of any data in the system: from primary inputs, through all transformations, to calculated outputs

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Fast to run

Simple, purpose-built, distributed architecture accelerates processing & reporting thousands of times faster than a relational database

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Easier innovation, More Agility

Every aspect of Cyoda has been designed to digitalise business processes with ease & speed.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Time is money; Cyoda makes it faster to build, change AND run your business

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Why traditional and legacy systems, like SQL databases, no longer deliver

Bloated and unscalable
Single ‘bottleneck’ machine Inflexible, siloed systems Reporting and Processing Limits
Compromise and risk
Complex, high maintenance architectures Can’t handle high volumes of complex data Holding business back
Slow and costly
Key tasks take many hours Slow,  complex, resource-intensive project delivery Increasing TCO

How about the new generation of Big Data platforms?

Many organisations are trying to stretch the new generation of Big Data platforms to run business operations BUT these solutions are not designed to handle the straight through processing and complex transactional data on which companies actually run.
Ensure big data consistency without limitsOnly CYODA truly delivers the flexibility, power and accuracy for any organisation to handle infinite volumes of complex transactional data.

“Big Data solutions identify trends. But insights alone don’t fix business. You have to be able to respond. Neither legacy transactional systems nor Big Data analytics can actually realise the opportunities that big data presents.”

Paul Schleger | CYODA Co-Founder and CTO