Transactional processing for large quantities of data (big data) as well as analytics.

Data processing is a very generic definition, it covers a multiple of functions. Applications/systems do something to data: store it, analyse it, transform it, generate it, query it, visualise it.

The mechanism by which the Cyoda platform defines logic in an implementation is through the workflow, describing the rules by with the data is changed, generated and checked. There are many advantages of this process:

  • You can see the processing definition in the system
  • A business person can set up the workflow and change it.
  • It actively promotes agility and re-use in the system.

This way of implementing logic is nothing new, it has several names Business Process Management (BPM), State Machine, Rules Engine. What Cyoda brings is scalability, no restriction on the volume of data that it can process both real-time and batch, and all with transactional consistency.

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