Our Story

Cyoda was initially founded in Sydney, Australia by Patrick Stanton and Dr Paul Schleger, experienced developers who worked together on large scale projects at a German bank. They moved Cyoda to London and were joined by Lucy Watson, who brought experience in strategy and technology across the FS sector.

With over 50 years cumulative experience in investment banking IT and business management, our founders were frustrated that it was so difficult to innovate and were convinced there had to be a better way. They returned to first principles and engineered Cyoda to address the distinct challenges of financial services operations. They developed a technology which brought together all the attributes required by growing companies in a single, coherent platform: robust, reliable, flexible, scalable, fast, cost effective, digital-first, cloud-agnostic and capable of processing vast amounts of data.

Whether companies are building greenfield ventures. from the ground up or transforming existing operations, Cyoda technology provides a unique framework for innovation and data mastery.

Today, Cyoda is headquartered in London, with an office in Frankfurt and a development team of highly skilled coders based mainly in Montenegro. Cyoda is currently expanding their virtual development team, hiring across the UK and Europe.