Who we help

By Sector

Tech Solution Vendors

Use Cyoda as a cloud agnostic data engine to accelerate customer acquisition and product development


Eliminate barriers to growth with tech that will flex with your business and operate robustly at infinite scale


Use CyodaInside to be first-2-market with a custom proposition, that can scale limitlessly with your business ambition

Alternative Financial Services

Use the Cyoda Sandbox to innovate in parallel to core operations, or, Enable FAST & pain-free reporting

Greenfield Innovation

Build out FAST and at LOW RISK on a proven platform, designed specifically for complex, high volume Financial Services operations

By Function

Business Leaders

Meet business goals FASTER, at LOWER RISK and TCO
- Deliver in < 25% of the time
- Reduce TCO by 25%
- Mitigate uncertainty with tech that can flex


Do MORE for LESS effort:
- Lower delivery risk
- Fewer skillsets
- Faster delivery
- Easily flexed as projects evolve

Ops / 'Run'

Designed for the long-haul:
- Lower infrastructure costs by 25%
- Simplify maintenance
- Reduce complexity
- Scale limitlessly
- Be cloud agnostic

Data Leaders

Eliminate data constraints:
- Consolidate disparate data at unlimited scale
- Accurate, consistent data accessible FAST
- Data models that flex as business evolves