What is CYODA?


Limitlessly scalable data storage, process and reporting. Report and query in real-time with unlimited straight-through processing power

Unlimited processing power

Manage infinite quantities of complex data with distributed and secure straight-through-processing.

Many large, complex organisations still run their core operations on relational databases with overnight batches, a technology that dates back to the 1970s. As the scale of data has increased, as well as the scope of internal and regulatory reporting, it can be extremely challenging to fit the required processing into a fixed overnight window.  Relational databases have an inherent bottleneck in how they input and output data and therefore do not scale; beyond a given threshold it’s unrealistic to speed things up by adding more or faster machines. These capacity constraints make it slow and expensive for organisations to change and grow. New requirements cannot be accommodated on existing systems, leading to system proliferation, complexity and cost.

Cyoda’s flexible, rules-based data processing engine is 100% distributed, without any bottlenecks. This means it’s linearly scalable: A system’s capacity to process data can be doubled by simply doubling the number of machines.  There are absolutely no limits to the amount of processing that may be performed

Infinite storage capacity

No limits to the volume or complexity of data in the system

The Cyoda platform is built upon Cassandra, an extremely efficient and robust distributed datastore, originally developed by Facebook and now open-source.

We’re in good company; the likes of Apple, Netflix and Spotify also chose Cassandra as the foundation for their technology stacks, because it’s the most powerful and rigorous framework currently available that is suited to vast amounts of data. In other words, it’s been proven by the largest and most data-heavy organisations in the world.

But whilst Cassandra is an excellent datastore, it lacks the querying, indexing and processing tools to make that data easily accessible and usable.  You can’t run your organisation on Cassandra without employing a lot of clever techies like those at Apple & Netflix.

Cyoda was conceived to plug that gap: our platform enables ANY organisation to run their core business using powerful, scalable technologies.

Report without constraints

Run reports and analysis as fast as you need, when you need them

Whilst Google & Twitter deliver vast amounts of information at the click of a button,  these types of technology don’t work for operational reporting on large volumes of complex data, where accuracy and precision is key.

For these operational requirements where error can’t be tolerated, it’s not uncommon for complex reports to require hours or even days to run.

In our global, 24/7, highly regulated world, this type of wait-time is increasingly unacceptable. For example, within Financial Services, recent regulations demand a near-real time view of exposures with a high level of granularity – a requirement that is near-impossible on most legacy infrastructures.

Unlike relational databases, the Cyoda platform is dynamically scalable.  This means the amount of processing power may be adjusted ‘on the fly’, without any impact on the accuracy of reporting outputs.   

So if you need to run a complex report, fast – simply add more machines. And if you’re running Cyoda on an external cloud, this can be done extremely cost-effectively, as you pay only for what you use.