Everything you need in ONE place

A fully integrated data and innovation platform for Financial Services

Distributed data store for Operations AND Analytics

The consistency and accuracy of a relational database combined with the scalability and performance of 'big data' technologies.

A single, consistent 'golden source' for all your business requirements, with full historical capability and lineage.

Scalable, low-code workflow to build applications

Workflow offers a fast, agile and transparent means to build applications, enabling close collaboration between Product, BA and development teams.

Our low-code workflow engine is unique in being 100% distributed & linearly scalable. That means no limits to the speed or scope of what you can run. And it comes with a visual designer that makes it super easy to use.

Complex reporting Super-fast & Scalable

Our low-code reporting engine is designed for the complex and computationally demanding requirements of Financial Services.

Run reports 1000s of times faster than on a relational DB.

Report as fast as you need, when you need it; as with all aspects of Cyoda, our reporting engine is linearly and elastically scalable.

Core Principles

A unique approach to data integration

With our platform, you don’t need to use ETLs (which take months to design & build).

We don’t impose a fixed central model (that can make it near-impossible to change or extend systems in the future).

Instead, our ‘schema-on-read’ and alias framework enables disparate data to be on-boarded within hours and data models to be built rapidly, on-demand, and independently of existing models.

"The Future is Open"


Buy ‘best-in-class’ or build bespoke functionality using our workflow. The choice is yours.

Our open API model allows you to assemble the best components for your business, and store outputs, immutably and historically, on a single, consistent, Cyoda foundation.

And we’re cloud agnostic too. Run on any cloud provider, hybrid or on-prem.

Non-functional requirements 'in-a-box'

40-60% of the effort required to building systems lies in building non-functional capabilities which are invisible to end-users.

Our platform offers all the foundational capabilities needed to build robust financial services systems, as a single, coherent, integrated package.