What is CYODA?


Run your business faster. Change your business faster. Streamline data integration.

Fast to run

Simple, purpose-built, distributed architecture accelerates processing & reporting thousands of times faster than a relational database

Cyoda’s architecture is built from scratch to efficiently bring big data scalability & performance into core business operations, without compromising accuracy.  

As a purpose-built platform, our architecture is very simple, which means it’s reliable and super-fast to run. 

In addition, traditional systems can be very slow to run historical reports because the system first has to be ‘rolled-back’ to the historical point in time by un-doing the audit trail. And when the report is complete, it must then be ‘rolled forward’ to the current time. In practice this restricts historical reports to a narrow time window. This can prove a major challenge when organisations are asked to provide historical information for audit, regulatory or legal purposes.

In contrast, Cyoda is immutable and never overwrites data, so it makes no difference to run-times whether you run a query as at the current time, as at last week, or as at last year.  All data is stored and time-stamped, so there is no need to ‘roll-back’ and ‘roll-forward’. All queries, current or historical, are fast and reliable.

Easier Innovation, More Agility

Every aspect of Cyoda has been designed to digitalise business processes with ease & speed

Agility can make or break an organisation. In today’s competitive world, winning isn’t necessarily about spotting the emerging opportunities the fastest, but about being nimble and exploiting them faster than the competition.   

We also see large organisations crippled by the cost of change, barely able to keep up with the relentless pace of regulatory change, and with next-to-no bandwidth leftover for innovation.

So we designed every aspect of Cyoda to make delivering change easier and faster.

A couple of examples:

  • Cyoda manages workflow in a way that is simple and intuitive; easy to configure and view. Our rules engine is designed to work as a business analyst thinks, enabling the rapid definition and set-up of complex business logic.  
  • We’ve also streamlined the way data is on-boarded, stored and mapped, in order to minimise the burden of data integration. Cyoda onboards data ‘as-is’, without the need for laborious data mapping.  Data translations are defined and applied on an ‘as needed’ basis to fulfil a specific processing or reporting requirement. This is far more efficient than conventional approaches; far less time is wasted mapping data that is never subsequently used, or is out-of-date.  

We like to think of it as ‘Just-in-Time’ data management.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Time is money; Cyoda makes it faster to build, change AND run your business

The biggest cost in most organisations is people. There are essentially 3 types of people: Those who keep your business running, Those who change it, and Those who sell stuff.  

Cyoda is simple and reliable – so you need fewer people to run things.

Cyoda makes it faster and easier to deliver change – so you need less resource to do that too.

That means you free up resource to focus on what you do best: manage your business, service your clients and make money.

(PS – And because the platform is so fast & efficient, we also allow you to save quite a bit on machines too…)