What is CYODA?

Can CYODA help you?

Data requirements checklist

Do you have any of the following data requirements?

Reporting consistently and accurately against large volumes of complex data


Complex business processing – where requirements are subject to frequent change


Combining multiple sources of data in different formats and based on disparate data models


Reporting very fast on large volumes of complex data


Processing or analysing large data volumes in near real-time


Reducing the time and cost of systems implementations


Improving the reliability and efficiency of large data processing and reporting


Reducing the cost of ongoing data integration – especially in handling the downstream impacts of when the data model within a source system is updated

If the answer is yes, learn how we can help you

What CYODA is not appropriate for:

  • Low volumes of simple data where the data structure does not change, to be stored and queried
  • Ultra-low latency, sub-millisecond requirements
  • Unformatted data