Next generation big data

Process, store and report on billions of sets of complex changing data, quickly, reliably and accurately, all in one concise built-for-purpose platform.

Cyoda was created to satisfy the demands of an immediate, data-driven financial industry constrained by legacy architecture. The firm was founded by two IT consultants with over 40 years combined experience of building and integrating core operational systems within investment banks.


Configure arbitrarily complex business requirements transparently in a user-defined workflow. Make implementation and change cost-effective. With transactions, ensuring accuracy and the correctness of your data. Read More


Avoid translating data to a common model, instead model the data when and how you need it. Significantly reduce the cost and time to implement change. Eliminate data duplication. Read More


Report with accuracy and consistency against large changing complex data sets. Create, change and run complex financial reports on demand. Cyoda is a distributed platform running across as many machines as you configure. Run reports as fast as required, at any point in time. Read More

Without limits

Every aspect of the Cyoda platform scales, there is no limitation to how fast you can run queries and reports or the volume of data processed, the complexity of the processes or the volume of data to store. Read more

Consistency, accuracy

Traditionally distributed data stores (big data) don’t offer transactional consistency, the ability to ensure that all data changes happen in a process, or none. Cyoda brings consistency to big data without restricting it. Read more

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